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Taxes and the cost of maintaining a property in Spain

Villa property in Spain Question: Margarita and Aleksey, good afternoon! Tell me, please, the approximate monthly utility bills for sale in Spain (total amount). And about a house in Spain is also interested in monthly payments. With homes, like, there is still some kind of annual tax? He calculated how?

Real estate in Spain as opposed to housing in other European countries is low cost of its content.

The cost of maintaining an apartment or house in Spain include utility costs (Water, electricityAnd gas) ComunidadWhich depends on many parameters:
- The presence of a lift, swimming pool, green area (flowers, palm trees, a lawn), protection and is a year from the 20 1200 to the euro. (1000 euros for this great Comunidad - it means a lot of greenery, palm trees, lawns, fountains, security guards, etc. all depend on urbanization)
The average utility costs in Spain - light and water for 2-room apartment for a family of 3 people make 100-150 euros per month. Payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account in Spain in accordance with the counter readings (readings removes employee aqua or energy companies) for water 3 every month, and every light 1 2 months.
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The water in the house or apartment in Spain is always a central water supply!
✔ If you do not live in his apartment in Spain all year for water and light still withdraw funds according to your tariff plan.

IBI - Tax on property ownership (Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles)
He IMPTO bienes inmuebles - The annual tax on property owners in Spain who pay for all homeowners in Spain from August to September. In the province of Alicante it is 0.8%, and in Torrevieja it is 0,5% of the cadastral value of the property, which is always below the market value, which can not fail to please the owners, and is in 2-5 times less than the market price of housing. So for an apartment in Torrevieja you bought for 100 thousand euros, the cadastral value will be about 30 000 euros IBI tax on the ownership of real estate in Spain will 30 000 * 0.5% = 150 euros per year. For the area of ​​Orihuela Costa interest rate annual tax on property ownership is 0.75%.

Income tax IRNR (Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes)
This tax is paid, if you are not a resident of Spain. It is calculated by the formula IRNR = (cadastral value * 2%) / 4. Ie for apartments in Spain cost 100 thousand euros, this tax will 100 000 * 2% = 2000 euros / 4 = 500 euros per year.

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How to pay taxes in Spain?

Pay taxes in Spain can be in the administration building, or online via the website
Clicking on the home page at Tramitas con localizador or Access by verification secure code Localizador the same thing in English.
Each year you will be sent notification of tax with an explanation on each paper is required to have a code Localizador it and it will need to enter, as well as your tax number of the foreigner NIE or NIF. Then check the amount to match the amount on the receipt, enter your credit card details and click Pay.


  • Oksana Lee

    I read about such a tax: Impuesto Extraordinario Sobre el Patrimonio - property tax or the presence of an existing property, it is paid in December every year .Rasskazhite about it please.

    • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

      About him we have already told in the article IBI - Tax on ownership of real estate (Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles), we will pay it to the end of August each year, Comunidad Valesniya. In other regions of Spain, it can be paid at any other time of the year.

      • Oksana Lee

        I do not quite understand, because different sources and Wikipedia is entirely two different zakona.Tot law which I ask: El impuesto sobre el Patrimonio es un tributo correspondiente al sistema tributario español, de devengo anual, carácter directo y naturaleza personal que grava el patrimonio neto del que fuesen titulares las personas físicas a fecha de 31 de diciembre de cada año.Ya not quite understand there is a speech about the wealth tax and the tax on pro fiz.lits.https income: // / wiki / Impuesto_sobre_el_patrimonio_en_Espa% C3% B1a # Novedades - Real estate in Spain by the sea

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