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Sea sports in Spain, sports entertainment on the Costa Blanca

spain-costa-blanca-0004Real estate in Spain on the coast of the Costa Blanca is in great demand due to not only a mild climate and the presence of an order of 310 sunny days per year, but also to excellent cuisine, excellent service, developed tourism and a lot of sport activities at sea. This is primarily sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing, diving and snorkeling in Spain.


Every year on the Costa Blanca, various regattas of professional and amateur level are organized. They are designed for different categories of sailing and rowing vessels from huge ocean yachts to simple single-seat sailboats. Adventurers traveling on their own yachts will always find a temporary shelter here. Beginners will also be able to pass quick courses on the management of snow-white beauties and in a couple of days to check their experience in practice.

Only Alicante province boasts the presence of more than two dozen sea clubs. In Santa Pola there are a couple of popular yacht clubs: Club Nautico de Santa Pola and Ocio Nautico. For beginners, a course at the Escuela Mediterr & # 225 sailing school, nea de Vela and the Parres Center is available. In addition to training, it is also proposed to rent ships with and without motor, with and without a captain. There is a marine club in the city Torrevieja and to Orihuela Costa in Campoamor.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

A decent level of development in the Costa Blanca reached kitesurfing. And all thanks to the optimal natural factors, in this case thermal winds of the southern, south-western and south-eastern directions. They are stably and predictably blowing from the end of February and until the beginning of November, from one o'clock to eight o'clock. Kitesurfers with any level of training can pick up the optimal bay for classes and favorite leisure.

Of the popular kitesports of the coast, Parres Center is located on the beach area of ​​Playa Chica. This is a kind of a sea sport club, which provides lessons for kiting, kayaking, surfing and sailing. Such institutions successfully function on other the beaches of Santa Pola and Alicante: Playa de la Gola, Playa Lissa, Playa del Pinet for beginners and El Altet, San Juan with eastern and northeasterly winds for more professionally trained athletes.
Also popular Paragliding in Spain over the sea from the Cape Santa Pola especially if you want to see Spain from a bird's eye view.

Speaking about the most popular places among kitesurfers, it will be wrong not to mention the kaypots La Manga del Mar Menor. The belt of land that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea and formed a kind of lake with sea water is a unique place on the map of Europe. Lake Mar Menor - a great start for inexperienced athletes. On the other side of La Manga is the meeting place of the best coasters - high-quality spot kitesurfing.

Of the popular windsurfing clubs, it is worth mentioning the Club Windsurfing Santa Pola, organized on the beach of Gran Playa to the south of the port Santa Pola. The institution professionally offers all services that accompany this sport.

Kayak and canoe

In these places, a trip to a sea kayak or canoe is considered to be an accessible form of active recreation for an ordinary tourist. Water excursions in calm waters, conducted by professional guides, as well as descents on rough waters, for example on the river Cabriel, are simple and safe lessons. Of course, this is only after compulsory preliminary training, which can be done at any local water sports center. An example is the Mar y Ocio River Rio Cabriel, which is located a hundred kilometers from Valencia and three hundred miles from Alicante. Experienced instructors will offer a quick course of training to descents on rough waters and excursions to one-, two- or triple canoes in conditions of a calm river.

Diving and snorkeling in Spain

Well, what a full rest in the Mediterranean can be imagined without diving. Local beauties of the rich water world enchant and seasoned submarine tourists, and newly made seekers of impressions. All the coast of the Costa Blanca is dotted with year-round working diving centers, because in its relief contour it is almost everywhere suitable for peaceful diving.

Of the popular diving centers are the class Buceo Mister Jones and Centro de Buceo La Marina de Reig in Alicante, offering a large range of related services. Tourists are available:

- Training courses for beginners and development courses for experienced divers,
- rental of equipment and suits,
- Transfer support and advice on optimal routes for diving.


Some Costa Blanca firms offer unforgettable diving trips to the remnants of a sunken ship of the Romanesque period. Professional guides-divers conduct quite safe underwater excursions to this exhibit. The ship was discovered in the Mediterranean depths in 2000 and until recently it was available exclusively for study by archeologists.

Here is just a small part of the services from a huge list of all that the modern Costa Blanca offers to the tourist. And everything else you must see and try for yourself.

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