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Why do Russians buy property in Spain?

IMG_0001Many Russians buy their own property abroad. Some of them become owners of houses and apartments in Spain. But why in Spain, and not in other countries of the world? There are several reasons for this.
The first reason for buying real estate in Spain - geographical position. When buying a property in this country, the buyer receives a lot of benefits. In this state there is a very beautiful landscape and lots of greenery. Beautiful nature is very well complemented by a mild climate. For the inhabitants of Russia, Spain is just a paradise.

The second reason is the high standard of living of the population. It's no secret that in Spain at the present moment a fairly high standard of living for the population. In addition, the Spaniards are famous for their hospitality, and they are very loyal to immigrants. Therefore, Russians are very comfortable living in this amazing country.
The third reason is the opportunity to open one's business. In this state there are many opportunities to start running your business. This allows us to continue to hope for a good profit. Although there, as in many developed countries of the world there is competition, but it is not as cruel as, for example, in Russia. Moreover, there you can start a business right from the very beginning, and also have the opportunity to buy an already developed firm, or even a company. Usually, many Russians invest their savings in development in the entertainment industry. Every year this state is visited by a huge number of tourists, therefore constantly shops, restaurants and cafes bring a good income to its owner.
The fourth reason is inexpensive construction. In Spain, real estate, both commercial and private, is not that expensive. One square meter of housing can cost Russians from a thousand and up to three thousand euros. For example, in Moscow, the same housing will be much more expensive.

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The fifth reason - houses in Spain on the sea. Russians who acquire a house or a whole cottage on the Mediterranean coast can live on the beautiful coast all year round. In addition, it can be leased to tourists, and get a very decent dividend for it.

The sixth reason is a very profitable investment of capital. It is very beneficial to invest in real estate in Spain, their capital. At the same time, this state is not so far from Russia. Flight by plane on the route Moscow - Barcelona takes 4 hours.

Real estate prices are naturally not the same across the country. Everything depends on the remoteness of housing from the center, and first of all from Barcelona. And here is not a mistake. Prices in Barcelona are much higher than in the capital of Spain - Madrid. This is explained by the fact that Barcelona is the largest city in Spain for business development, since it is in this city that the largest commercial objects are located. These circumstances are taken into account by Russian citizens who decided to buy housing in this country.
The process of buying property in Spain has differences than the same procedure in other countries. You can consider this process in more detail, or so-called step-by-step.

     1 step - the choice of the property itself. As elsewhere, at first the buyer is determined with the place where he will live in consequence. There are several options:

- Purchase through the company for the sale of housing. But how to buy a house, seeing it only in a photo or viewing a small video clip.

- Buy after the trip. Many companies offer tourist tours to the places where housing is sold. At the same time, buyers can see the real estate themselves, having visited directly in this area.

- Choose yourself. Many Russians go to Spain to rest, and it is during this holiday that Russian citizens look after their homes.
     2 step - account opening. Then the buyer opens a bank account in Spain in his name. This procedure takes only a few minutes and only one overseas transport is required. A bank account is needed so that the buyer can already make any payments in the territory of Spain.

     3 step - registration of documents. All the paperwork is also very fast. Any property in Spain is registered in the Property Register. It records all the data about the facility itself, as well as the owner. All documents are checked and executed by professional lawyers.
     4 step - drafting of deed. The signing of the document on the purchase and sale of real estate is done in triplicate. They enter all the terms of the contract, and the rights of the buyer and seller are prescribed. The buyer makes an advance payment of 30% of the total cost. After this procedure, the seller already loses the right to sell the property to another buyer. The rest of the money is paid after the execution of all documents that are signed by the notary. Another buyer needs to pay a small cost for the work of a notary, as well as a tax on the purchase of housing. Then, after three months, the new owner can safely settle in his house or apartment.

Buying property in Spain, Russians can then enjoy the beauty of a beautiful country, as well as admire the historical monuments of this ancient state.

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