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Full support of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate in Spain

Full support of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate in SpainIn this article we will describe in detail how and what. You have decided to buy property in Spain. This is a serious step towards the dream, but how to do it? After you eat in another country, you do not know the language and laws.

Service Agent in Spain

1. You do request through our website or write to Margaret Viber, or Whatsapp, or call the number + 34 684 019 876
2. Margaret picks up real estate options for you at your request and send you options with a description and picture to your email address.
3. We agree with you on the date of arrival. If you need us to do an invitation to help with renting an apartment or recommend Hotel in Spain. We meet you Alicante airport El Altet.
4. Appoint the date on your view of the real estate options. We tell you about the pros and cons. We look to you as much real estate as you need days- that would make their choice.
5. Determine the choice, you make reserve (usually composes 10% of the cost) of intent to legalize preddogovor buy
6. We make you NIE (alien number) Cost 16 euros
7. Open a bank account to transfer your money to an account in Spain. Buying real estate is paid strictly through the bank!
8. We translate all the documents into Spanish.
9. We agree on convenient for you and the seller time that the notary to sign the sales contract.
10. After the signing, we help you to re-register all the documents on your name in various instances.
11. We accompany you shopping all the necessary for a comfortable stay. We know the best stores with the best prices!
12. If you want to take flat for rent we are fully engaged in this issue and monitor the property in your absence.
13. With all of its customers, we are always connected and always ready to help! Please contact us and we will help you realize your dream without any hassle.

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