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The growth in property prices in Spain, investing money in overseas property

Property prices in Spain have started to grow!For several years in the European real estate markets, prices are too high. But now the crisis, investment in European real estate has become very profitable. Most experts say that if we now invest in European real estate, you can not only save their capital, but also to increase it. According to the latest data property prices in Spain in the province of Alicantebegan to grow, now is the time to buy an apartment, house or villa on the Costa Blanca! Property price growth recorded in , , , , , . It is connected with growth of the Spanish economy.
Experts believe that the most profitable real estate, located in the resort area near the sea, in cities with a highly developed infrastructure and favorable conditions for life. It is countries such as Spain - Costa Blanca coast especially, Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey, Croatia, France and Latvia. When compared to the pre-crisis period the cost of housing was quite low, but now in these countries the real estate markets stabilized, which means that in the near future housing will grow in value. The same situation in the markets of Spain and Cyprus.
Investors should take into account the specific situation in each country separately. For example, in Spain, such a scheme works: since housing prices are low, it is profitable to buy and rent, rental prices gradually rise. In France, property prices all fall and fall, experts predict that in the second half lost 15% value. This is due to the fact that the French housing market was too "overheated". But in the next year, prices have to go up again, allowing very profitable resell housing.
Sooner or later, in Latvia also restored the market, but it can occur as two years, and through the years 8. Investing in this market have to be patient, to be ready for long-term investment. But the UK and Ireland are tasty morsels, after the mortgage crisis, property prices plummeted, so I bought a little money now for real estate, a couple of years, you can get a decent dividends.
Most importantly do not forget to invest should be treated very carefully. Where high yield, there is a high risk of losing your investment. So the most correct choice is a long-term investment. (Although income is less, but the risk of losing money less) Good luck and big dividends!

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