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Safari parks in Spain, an open-air zoo

IMG_1755Buenos dias! Today we tell you about 2-x safari parks in Spain in the province of Alicante. First Rio Safari Elche is as the name implies near the Spanish city of Elche (map at the bottom of the page), and the second we liked much more Safari Park Aitana - it is in the mountains and occupies a vast area, on it you'll travel by car, in most locations, you can go out machines except a fenced area where lions and tigers live :-) .
Price for visiting Rio Safari Elche is not low, on the order 20-25 euros per person. Park made a zoo, parrots in cages, most of the animals in cages. The park has several cafes, 2 pools, water slides.

Location Rio Safari Elche

To get to it is most convenient by car, which can be easily rent in Spain cheap

Video Safari Park in Elche

Safari park in Spain Elche, Spain

Safari Park Aitana video

The price for an adult visiting 20 euros for children 14. We really liked this park, it is much better and more interesting than in Elche. Hours every day from morning till 11 18-00. In the park there is an excellent Spanish restaurant. By the way, in Spain allowable rate of alcohol in the blood of the driver maximum 0.5 ppm, do not exceed this value. Red and white wine in Spain the highest quality :-)
Address Park
Carretera Alcoy-Villajoyosa, km 20 (CV-785)
03.815 Penáguila (Alicante)
GPS coordinates:
Latitud N 38º 38 '49 "
Longitud W 0º 20 '35 "

How to get from the coast:
1. To get started, you need to track vyehatna AP 7 and, before reaching the exit number 66 (direction of VILLAJOYOSA), roll on the Congress and go in the direction of SELLA.
2. After the village you will pass SELLA 14 killometrov. Along the way you will meet our pointers.

Location of the safari park Aitana

By the way on the way to be sure to stop at a mountain lake

A trip by car to Spain in Safari Park Aitana

Lions, tigers, hippos, ostriches, zebras, elephants, yaks, Safari park Aitana

Pictures of animals in the safari park in Elche

Photos of Safari Park Aitana

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