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San Juan Holiday in Spain 23 night of June, bonfires on the beach

San Juan Holiday in Spain NightOn the night of 23 24 to June every year in all the cities of Spain celebrate St. Joan, an analogue of our Midsummer, the summer folk festival of pagan origin. At this time, the longest daylight hours of the year and the shortest night, and what symbolizes San Juan holiday - the victory of light over darkness. The history of this holiday begins from the time of paganism, so tradition and ritual inherited from the pre-Christian culture. Bonfires lit on each of the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, which burns all the bad things that had accumulated over the year. Many Spaniards bring beach chairs and tables, barbecues and wine and dancing till dawn.

Video San Juan holiday in Spain

Photos from the holiday beaches of Orihuela Costa La Zenia night 23 2014 year in June

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