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Travel around Spain, Mount Sierra Elada, Lighthouse Albir, nature, landscapes

Spain, Benidorm, Altea, lighthouseToday I'm going with you on an exciting trip to Spain! A beautiful place on the Mediterranean coast of the Costa Blanca between the city of Benidorm and Altea in the town of Alfas de Pi in the Sierra Elada national park in the province of Alicante, the community of Valencia, the Kingdom of Spain. Our path begins at the foot of the Serra Gelad mountain range from the northern part and the end point of the journey is the Faro de Albir lighthouse, indicating the way to the ships and sailors in the Mediterranean, which was built in 1893, and now it houses a museum.

Travel to Spain in the mountains

Nature of Spain

Spain, Benidorm, Altea, lighthouse

To the lighthouse of Faro de Albir leads a wide asphalt road, built in 1961, picturesque views, blue sea, mountains, beautiful nature, the aroma of Mediterranean plants, shrubs and trees: mountain lavender, rosemary, thyme, pines and all this in combination with fresh sea air! Behind every turn, there are delightful views of the sea, where you can often see dolphins, coast, mountains: Sierra Cortina, 529 meters high (Sierra Cortina), Ponoig 1160 meters (Ponoig), Serebly 1361 meter (Serella), Sierra Bernia 1129 meters (Sierra de Bernia), Sierra Olta 586 meters (Sierra de Olta), Morro de Toix 299 meters, Pignon de Ifach 328 meters (Penon de Ifach), and the highest mountain in this area is Puig Campana 1406 meters above sea level (Puig Campana).

Spain, Benidorm, Altea, lighthouse
The length of the route is about 5 km, in time it will take you 1,5 hours - 2 hours.

Photos of Sierra Elada, Benidom, Albir

Panoramic photos of Spain, Alfaz de Pi

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Point on the map of Spain

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Spain, Costa Blanca 2018
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