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Telephone calls and mobile communications in Spain

Telephone calls and mobile communications in SpainMany tourists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus coming into Spain face the problem of choosing a mobile operator in the city center. The easiest and cheapest way is to buy a local SIM card. To do this you need to go to any office of the network and say: "Quiero comprar una tarjeta SIM" it means - I want to buy a SIM card. Or say it in English - all sellers in Spain for at least 2 know the language - Spanish and English.
Total in Spain 4 major mobile operator: Movistar (Telefonica), Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo and about 22 virtual operators who use the network core. Disassemble each we do not, they are all about the same cost of calls and coverage. Mobile internet and 3G 4G much more common in Spain than in Rosiii, so the quality of mobile Internet is very good.

What kind the price of telephone calls in Spain? - On average, 10-12 euros per month you get about 100 minutes of local calls and 1 GB mobile internet.

Mobile operators in Spain

Telefónica (Movistar)
Lebara (Vodafone)

     To purchase a SIM-card in Spain, you must:
- Proof of identity (passport, NIE);
- Address registration / residence (suitable hotel address);
- Contact details.

We use the services of the mobile operator Tuenti, for 11 100 euros you can get a phone call minutes, 1 3G GB mobile internet and additionally 50 200 minutes zvkokov and sms through a mobile app Tuenti. With tariffs can be found here there can also arrange online Simcoe, which come to you in the mail, or just buy a sim card in the offices of this company.

How to save on mobile while in Spain?

1. Be sure to install the application on your phone:

Skype - A program for calls worldwide via the Internet. You will always be able to call on skype to other users via your phone, you need a mobile Internet. You can also directly in the program to fund your account to 10 euros for example, and then you will be able to call landlines and mobile phones in Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. at a low price!
The cost of calls via Skype in Russia - 2 1 cents per minute (about 1 1 ruble per minute)
Price 1 minute call in Ukraine - 8 cents
1 in minutes Belarus - 44 cents
Kazakhstan 1 minute - 15 cents.

Skype is available for all platforms phones - android, ios, windows, etc.

2. The second program - the best alternative to Skype - VoipCheap - Are driven into the search box in the Google Market or apple store. Very cheap calls to all countries of the world. When first using the given number of free calls.

3. Popular in Spain services of text, photo and voice messages WhatsApp, Viber. To use the program, you need a mobile phone and the Internet. Now for sms not have to pay! Also through these applications can be sent to those who are too set photos, video and voice messages.

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