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Spain Torrevieja resort town on the sea

Spain Torrevieja weather, hotels, photosTorrevieja - large and unusually beautiful resort city of Valencia. In addition to the mild climate and beautiful beaches, spread over 25 kilometers, the city is very popular for its salt lakes. For all this and many other treasures here and attracts travelers on holiday in Spain.

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salt lakes of TorreviejaHis appearance city owes pink lagoon Salinas, where he started the first production of salt.

mercado_central_spain_2051Considerable importance for Torrevieja has and agriculture. Climate permits to harvest several times a year, thanks to Torrevieja provides fruit not only Spain, but also in Western Europe.

Torrevieja monumentsWorth noting that it is home to the largest Russian community, so tours to Spain here must be held in a warm and sincere atmosphere.

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Torrevieja has a unique climate. In winter, the temperature keeps an average of + 12-16 degrees, and in summer - + 28-30. Many say that in the province of only two seasons - spring and summer, and it's the truth.

The central square of the Constitution in Torrevieja

The central square of the Constitution in Torrevieja

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Fountains in Torrevieja

Fountains in Torrevieja

Weather in Torrevieja


Most in Torrevieja open three-star hotels 40 euros per night. Hence it is not difficult to guess that the resort is aimed at tourists with average income, and this in turn ensures a fun atmosphere, a motley crowd and the sea of ​​fun for everyone. In contrast to the resorts, where the luxury vacation in Spain, here you will not find sophisticated and prudish neighbors are tired of the hustle and demanding peace.

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In Torrevieja you can have fun and come off at full speed and, rest assured in its quest you will find like-minded people necessarily.
The main asset of the resort - the coastal strip, divided by the beach area, which, in turn, adapted for any needs of tourists from beach cabanas and ending with bars and marine attractions.

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Many local beaches are small and cozy coves, as Torrevieja is located on the rugged rocks of the coast. The beaches were awarded by UNESCO and received a "Blue Flag" for cleanliness and environment. Popular beaches in the south are considered Neufragos Del Cura in the center and north - La Mata.
Sandy beaches in Torrevieja: Los Locos (Los Locos), the beach El Cura (El Cura), Playa La Mata (La Mata), Cabo de Cala Cervera, Los Náufragos (Los Naufragos), El Acequión, Cala de las Piteras / Rocío del mar, Cala Ferri.

In the western part of Torrevieja are the salt lakes. They are very popular among tourists, as they have healing properties. They are somewhat similar to the Dead Sea, and have a similar healing impact.

salt lakes of TorreviejaIn addition to all, the resort will soon open a modern mud baths, which guarantees an increase in demand for tours to Spain.
In Torrevieja tourists will find many attractions. Local pier and lighthouse was built by the Romans back in 14 century. Many museums are open free of charge, hurrying to tell guests complicated history of the region.Spain Torrevieja Photo
Every tourist should taste delicious chocolate «Valor» in a local coffee shop, go to the island of Tabarka, relax and have fun at the amusement park «Lo Rufete», where you can ride horses, quad biking and other recreational transport.
And at the resort are many wonderful parks of a different orientation. Among the favorite tourist destinations worth noting a large water park and landscape dune park. And in the near future and will open a large modern conservatory.

Be sure to visit City park in Torrevieja - A great place for families! also a beautiful park in the area of ​​Torrevieja, La Mata Molino del Aqua

Spain hotel in Torrevieja

Spain hotel in Torrevieja

Sea Port of Spain, the city of Torrevieja and dock with the sea

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Pink salt lakes of Torrevieja, natural spa in Spain

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