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Forms and types of real estate in Spain

Luxury villa in SpainIn Spain there is a great variety of real estate. In this article we describe what about the main: apartments, penthouse, Atik bungalow, townhouse, duplex, triplex, bungalows, Villa, Chalet.

Apartment Apartment

The main characteristic of the apartment - the number of bedrooms. For the most part, they are located in buildings with three storeys above. Their selection is great. The apartments are not expensive price. Their content does not need to spend a lot of money, and they are more likely to give up young families, workers and students. If you intend to rent apartment rent, then their best to buy near the sea.

     Atik - Apartment, which is located on the top floor and has a terrace.
     Penthouse - Two-level apartment, which, like Atik is on the top floor.

Penthouse in Spain in Torrevieja

Penthouse in Spain in Torrevieja


This is one big room. She is the living room and bedroom. Kitchen in a room separated by a breakfast bar. The studio is a cheap property.
New apartment in Spain cheap
One-bedroom apartments in Spain


New property in Spain
This house, which is owned by several owners. Most are in the house 2-3 bedrooms, their entrances and separate plots for each owner. On the site there is a common garage or parking space, swimming pool. Bungalow in value and content cheaper than a house. Usually lower floor belongs to land, and the second floor - solarium, located on the third floor.

Townhouse (Duplex, Triplex)

     Townhouse - A house in which the side wall is shared with the neighboring house. There is a personal piece of land in front of house, and often 2 plot behind the house. Terrace in front of house, balcony and private solarium. Usually it contains bedrooms 2-3, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen.

     Duplex - A 2-storey townhouse on 3-rd floor solarium often
     Triplex - A 3-storey townhouse on 4-th floor is the solarium.


Detached house with a large plot of land with. The cost of villa depends on where it is located, the area of ​​residential buildings and land. There are two variants of purchase villas: the purchase of finished, or the purchase of land and construction of the individual project. Villa - it is kind of expensive real estate. Accordingly, we need big investments on care and maintenance.

Chalet or Chalet

It is a house with a plot of land, a country house, the cottage, cottage. App. chalé o chalet. Chalet - is simplicity, comfort and practicality. The origin of the word has gone out of France.

Luxury properties in Spain

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