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Exclusive villa turnkey in Spain on the Costa Blanca

Exclusive villa turnkey in SpainExclusive villa for sale in Spain on the Costa Blanca. Elite, closed residence with security 24 hour Las Colinas Golf. A protected area, with a beautiful landscape design, golf courses.
When building villas, try to maximally preserve the natural nature and privacy from neighbors. All property owners have the opportunity to visit the indoor beach club in Campoamor Las Colinas Beach Club, on the 1 line of the sea near the beach.
On the territory of the residence there is a golf club, restaurant, shop, sports club, hiking trails with night lighting.
The villa has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge combined with kitchen. On the site own pool. Landscaping, a place for car parking. The villa is fully furnished, equipped with home appliances. There is a smart house system.

Exclusive Villa in Spain

Price Villa 780 000 €
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Living room, kitchen
The villa 175 m²
Plot size m² 689
Terraces 50 m²
Smart home systems
Round the clock security
Pool with LED backlight 3,5 x 9 meters
Distance from the sea: 7 km
Ref №: 20005

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     Las Colinas Golf & Country Club a closed area with entry and exit through the CS with a barrier and live security 24 hours a day! In the complex there is a sports complex, the administration, restaurant, shops, tennis courts, bike paths, pedestrian promenade with night lighting through the forest and lake. There appreciate your calm and comfort! Peace and unity with nature.

The villa is equipped with the system "Smart House" (android, ios), which provides peace of mind and comfort that goes beyond the ordinary. From centralized closure to lighting controlled remotely.
     Advantages of the Smart House system:
✔ Housing security: One of the objectives of the management system is to maintain housing security when breaking in and triggering technical alarms, floods or gas leakage. The "Smart Home" system is a very popular option.
✔ Service: The system of "smart house" controls all electrical switchboards, lighting and hours of the fan coil, and technical alarm.
✔ Energy saving: the energy loss is very common. With good control of lighting and air conditioning systems can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Turnkey villa - come and live. Beautiful design, everything is thought out to the last detail!
Full support of the transaction, confidentiality is guaranteed. Buy your dream home with us!

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