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Aitana Safari Park, Castle in the mountains Guadalest, Alicante, Flamenco

safari-park-aitana 2053In the northern part of the province of Alicante, Aut. Community of Valencia, Spain, in the mountains, near the town of Alcoy is an interesting open-air zoo - Safari Park Aitana.
Aitana Safari Park is open every day until 11 18-00, feeding of animals takes place in 11-00 and 15-00. The cost of visiting the park 20 euros for adults, 14 euros for children over 4 years.
Who else can be seen in this interesting Zoo in the open air? Jaguar, ostrich, European fallow deer, mouflon, Lama guanaco, camel dromedary, zebra Grant, giraffe, African dwarf buffalo, Watussi, American bison, hippopotamus, African elephant, lychee, oryx, northwestern wolf, water buffalo, chinchilla, raccoon, kangaroo , tigers, lions, ponies, donkeys, lynx, Barbary Macaque monkey, barbary sheep, cougar, Garnier, porcupines, blue fox - chernoburaya sunny nymph parrot cockatiel, Orange-Winged Amazon.

Video blog Aitana Safari Park, Castle in the mountains of Guadalest


Location Safari Park Aitana
Carretera Alcoy-Villajoyosa, km 20 (CV-785)
03.815 Penáguila (Alicante)
GPS coordinates:
Latitud N 38º 38 '49 "
Longitud W 0º 20 '35 "


How to get there by car from the Costa Blanca:
1. To get started, you need to go on the road and the AP 7, 66 before reaching the exit number (direction VILLAJOYOSA), roll on the Congress and go in the direction of SELLA.
2. After the village you will pass SELLA 14 kilometers. Along the way you will meet our signs.

Photo Safari Park Aitana

After a visit to a safari park, we went by car on mountain roads 35 km Guadalest Castle. Where to walk, buy souvenirs and watched Spanish dance Flamenco.
Castle Guadalest

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