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Residence permit in Spain, a gold visa - getting a Spanish residence permit

residence in Spain Type D visa - obtaining a residence permitMany foreigners attracted by Spain for its tourist attractions, culture, tradition, cuisine and more. Citizens of other countries seeking to obtain a residence permit in the country. Among them are Russian citizens.
Successfully obtaining a residence permit in Spain will depend on two main factors:
• compliance with the laws of Spain;
• possession of funds that will be enough for normal living.
The presence of foreign citizens the right to ownership of property gives them the right to temporary residence in Spain. If Russian citizens wish to obtain permanent residency, then they have the opportunity, subject to the availability of any property in Spain and confirmation means for existence. It is called a temporary residence permit in Spain or visa D.

✔ To Get a residence permit (residence) in Spain without the right to work, with the right extension, you need to show in your account in a Spanish bank amount to 26 000 € 1-th person. On each subsequent family member + 6 500 euros. For example, a family of 4 people to obtain a residence permit (permit), you must show the account 45 500 euros.

The first time the D visa (temporary residence permit in Spain without the right to work) issued for the year 1, 2 subsequent times in the year.

Or you can open a business in Spain, taking the job at least 2-x Spaniards. On the basis of the residence can receive.

Also Residence permit in Spain for foreign nationals can be get when buying a property worth more than 500 000 euros. Moreover, it may be several objects including earth. Who bought the property in 500 thousand euros before the law - also have the right to a residence permit - so-called "Golden visas"

Residence in Spain is divided into subspecies:
• without the right to employment;
• the right to employment;
• with the right to work as an entrepreneur;
• on the basis of family reunification.

     Expensive Luxury properties in Spain on the coast of the sea above the cost of 500 thousand euros at purchase of which we will help you get a gold visa in Spain!

Still there long-term residence permit in Spain. It gives citizens the right to live and work for hire, to be an entrepreneur in Spain perpetuity. Such a permit can be issued to foreigners who have lived legally in the country for at least 5 years. A new card is issued for a foreigner 5 years, after which you need to update it every 5 years.
It is possible to obtain a residence permit through marriage to a resident of Spain. This method is one of the easiest.
Obtain a residence permit in Spain even if you can not register my company. But at the same time the owner must have the status of a private entrepreneur and a contract for one year.
If you are aiming to get very much desired the right to permanent residence, you have to go through all the formalities for this purpose. Be patient, because the process of getting this right, not fast, but after some time you will be able to achieve the desired, was free to live and work in Spain!


  • Kirill

    Do not prompt, in 2016, the amount of the purchase of real estate to obtain a residence permit is still 500 000 Euro? Not less?

    • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

      Good afternoon! Data relevant to the article 2016 years.

  • Anna

    For the first time obtained a visa D for one year, how many days a year on it is possible to live in Spain?
    And if I understand correctly, that the existence of the account 26.000 euros per person is necessary even if you have a property in Spain?

    • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

      Good afternoon! D visa entitles to stay in the country for more than 90 days, but no more than 365 days. The money in the account will still need to have. - Real estate in Spain by the sea

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